Verification of Enrollment and Degrees

Verifications for Federal Student Lenders

It is not necessary for students to request enrollment or degree verification from the Office of the University Registrar or the School of Medicine Registrar for federal student loan deferments. The lenders and servicing agencies for federal student loans download this information directly from the NSC on a regular basis.

Note that the anticipated degree date reported by the Clearinghouse to your loan lenders prior to your actual graduation is a calculated value based upon your year in school and enrollment status. They use it to project when you may no longer be in school and entering repayment on your loans.

For additional assistance with student loans, Danforth Campus students and parents may contact Student Financial Services. Medical students should contact the Office of Student Financial Planning at the School of Medicine.

Requesting Certification Records

Requests for other certification records are accepted via email.  Requests must be signed (not electronically) in order to be accepted. Your completed request may be sent to

Please complete the Document Request Form or submit a document which includes the following information:

  • Name (including name while in attendance if now different)
  • Social Security (last 4 digits) or student identification number
  • Program and degree received
  • Approximate dates of attendance
  • Your address and phone number
  • Mailing or email address of the person to be sent the requested documents
  • Sign and date the request indicating any deadline dates that may apply

Please note that students sending requests via clearinghouses such as ERAS must still send a signed request before their information can be uploaded.

Requests for Information on Residency or Fellowship Training:

Requests from Medical Staff Offices, State License Boards or other Credentialing/Privileging bodies wishing to gather competency or completion of training data for Residency or Clinical Fellowship training, please submit your request to the Office for Graduate Medical Education (GME) at  The GME Office will work with the individual training program to gather the requested information.